Q. The estimates for the advice are free of charge or provide a refund for the inspection ?

A. All of our estimates are free and not binding. As a rule, always runs a preliminary survey by one of our technical service; in some simple cases needs information collected by phone or e-mail.
Only for complex consultations, preparation of a bid may require a preliminary study itself. The cost of preparing the bid would still be agreed in advance with the customer.

Q. Company also performs valuations of part or on behalf of the Court (civil / criminal) ?

A. Normally the figure of the expert coincides with a natural person, so you can not entrust the execution of a skill that has legal force, to a company. The technicians and physicians who work with us (both employees and external), however, are all members of their professional associations (doctors, engineers, chemists, biologists and geologists ), and therefore legally entitled and authorized to accept assignments in their appraisals. Some of them also carry out functions of the Court expert.

Q. The periodical medical examinations of employees are carried out at the Asti headquarters or on customer's home ?

A. It depends. We feature a mobile vehicle, fully equipped for the most frequent clinical examinations ( audiometry , spirometry , blood tests and urine tests ), which can then be executed in the client's home with a loss of working hours really minimal. It needs the visits relate to 8 or 10 workers because it is more cost-effective choice of the mobile home rather than making visits at our surgery.

Q. I am a building contractor and I need an evaluation of deal of noise in relation to a residential complex that I have planned. What is?

A. The evaluation of
deal of noise, due in accordance with LR 52/2000, consists of a verification of compatibility of the new residential development with the existing noise. It is to carry through a measurement campaign, a acoustic mapping of the area, both day and night, for compatibility with a residential - housing , to guarantee the future building owners. The purpose of verification is also to suggest that the building designer, if he has not thought of on their own, the application of all those architectural features designed to improve the acoustic comfort of the building (layout of the bedrooms, airborne sound insulation of rear-end collisions and fixtures, insulation of equipment). The assessment is required in the process of building permit and is an essential tool when the buildings are built near structures with risk of noise (rail and inland high slip, shopping malls, nightclubs and industrial establishments, etc. ).


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