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Food chemistry Mineral Water Softdrinks Packaging test



on food packaging performing tests about trace analisys resulting from contamination suffered during the stages of the production processes or as a result of redox processes (additives, plasticizers, etc..) caused by chemical agents-physical present in foods (oxygen, acids, etc..) or external junction (light, heat, etc.) for organoleptic alterations of the food itself


Gaschromatographic analysis of residual solvents
global Migration
specific migration
Migration of paper and cardboard formaldehyde
Migration of paper and cardboard of primary aromatic amines
Suitability adhesives for laminated
Migration of dyes on paper and cardboard
Migration of paper and cardboard conservative and microbicides
Food suitability of aluminum
Migration of paper and cardboard of dithiocarbamates, thiuram and xantogenati
Suitability of ceramics (migration Pb and Cd )
Migration of paper and cardboard of phenols and cresols
Global migration into simulants
Suitability of plastic and laminated materials (nature, global migration and specific restrictions , additives , etc.).
Suitability regenerated cellulose film
Migration of vinyl chloride monomer
Total PCBs and PCTs
lead migrated
Migration of vinyl acetate
Presence of optical brighteners
migration of acetaldehyde
Search BHT and BHA
Migration of terephthalic acid
Search erucamide and oliammide
Migration of acrylonitrile monomer
Search phthalate (DOP) and adipates (DOA) in polymeric materials
Migration of ethylene glycol - diethylene
Auxiliary substances insoluble in water and solvents
Specific migrations of plastic films and / or coupled
Auxiliary substances soluble and / or partially soluble in water
Migration of paper and cardboard of optical brighteners
Auxiliary substances soluble and / or partially soluble in solvents
Migration of secondary aromatic amines
Robinson test at 24 or 48 hours


Expert assistance


Consulting and technical expertise in the event of trade disputes, notices of non-compliance of the products, organoleptic alterations in natural mineral water, soft drinks, snacks.
Technical and economic evaluations of claims, managing relationships with insurance companies, agencies, suppliers.
Advice on natural mineral water treatment plants, undesirable substances, quality control, production, microbiology.
Comparative research and chemical testing of all commodities.




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